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wooden house benefits

       Wooden structures proposed by us have a very high thermal resistance, the costs for heating (or poor) a house made of wood are 5 times less than the expenditure made for the heating (or poor) the same house made of brick. That means that you, the holder of such a case you pay only 20% of the amounts that you pay your neighbor has the same house made of brick.

       Houses are usually presented as having a constructed surface. Of this only a surface area is useful, the rest being walls. Made in the same proposed by us, the house has 15% more usefull space than one made of brick.

       Our building system is the most resistant to earthquakes constructive system.


Moldsilva Suceava

About Moldsilva

       S.C. Moldsilva S.A. Suceava is a company specialized in panelizate houses with wooden structure, best known in Romania under the name "American houses" or Timber Frame. The company was founded in 1994 and had at the outset that the main business operation and wood processing.

       Production capacity of components in the workshop is 200 structures mp 120-150 houses built on an area. At this time, S.C. Moldsilva S.A. has technological lines and equipment for primary processing and wood drying technology to comply with the requirements of shaping instruction in Western Europe, and assembling structures of houses is on training tables.

       We offer architectural design to custom or processing models proposed by them. Specific system design is aided and prescriptions in the spirit of sustainability Eurocode design and operation.

       Utilization of the workshop is in a flux-controlled ISO 9001, and complete assembly on site is the company or in collaboration with local contractors approved by the client. We spruce and pine of the highest quality treated with organic substances. Wood is selected as the criterion of sustainability of natural building appropriate item will be embedded, accelerated drying is followed by a return line standards and the traceability of wood is controlled. Other materials are in accordance with international standards of quality, ecology and environmental protection.

       Contact with our area of origin - North America, but also with the countries of Western Europe, has developed a system adapted to local requirements (Holzrahmenbau in Germany, Ossature Bois in France, etc.), has provided access to modern ways of design and execution and the possibility of procuring the material performance of the moment.

       S.C. Moldsilva S.A. is a member of the Association of Producers of wooden houses in Romania (APROCOR) and provide the Association with a Certificate of Conformity with European or express requirements stipulated by the specifications. Standard by which we build structures of houses is 100% compatible with DTU 31.2 in France.

       S.C. Moldsilva S.A. has homes in Romania, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Belgium.